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What's up, buttercup? 

We're Aaron and Shelly 

We are a husband/wife duo based in southern Indiana, serving Daviess county and the surrounding areas. 

We love the Lord, and strive to honor Him in all that we do. We are major foodies, and love a really good cup of coffee. We love hiking and would love to visit all of the national parks! (We're working on it!).  Getting to do photography and serve families in this way has been such a joy to experience together. I truly love getting to do something I love so much with my husband. But on the real: we're still human, and argue about who is going to take the dog outside to go potty ;) If you know, you know.

A few of our favorite things....

Shelly's favorites: iced coffee, all day, everyday, year round ;) Jazz music, golden hour, thrift shops, and summer time. 

Aaron's favorites: smoking BBQ, black and white photos, hockey, and training our dog, Tucker. Aaron can often be found reading books by old, dead theologians. 

We are passionate about providing crisp, real life, bright, timeless images. 

We can't wait to meet you! 

The Beans
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